Chapter 2 - Evaluating Recover My Files v5

You are encouraged to download Recover My Files and run it in evaluation mode free of charge. The search results screen enables the user to see the content of files found (i.e. view the pictures and read the documents). An example is shown in Figure 4 below.

The software that you download and run in evaluation mode is the FULL VERSION. The only limitation in evaluation mode is that it is not possible to save files.

If, based on the search results, you decide that you wish to save files, then purchase a product activation key, enter it into the program, and save the files to another drive. You do not need to run a second search once you have purchased a key.

Purchasing and activating Recover My Files does not change the search results. The only function of the product activation key is to enable the ability to save files. For more information, see 10.1 - Validating a successful recovery.

Figure 4, Recover My Files running in evaluation mode and previewing search results

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