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What is an Online Affiliate?

You send traffic from your web page to a GetData web page and earn up to 35% commission on products purchased:

Apply for a GetData Affiliate Account

Apply for Affiliate Access here. You need to tell us:

We make affiliate payments each month, based on the previous months' sales. Payments are made by via Paypal Mass Payments, and there is no minimum payment amount.

In the few cases where Paypal will not accept payments to an affiliate, commissions are paid via Bank Transfer once commission has reached a minimum of US$100. GetData pay only the Australian bank fees for International Bank Transfer. Any fees or charges once the funds have left our account will not be paid by GetData.


GetData Affiliate Account - Introduction

A GetData affiliate account enables you to direct web traffic to a GetData website and make a commission for any subsequent sale made.

With an affiliate account, the end user purchases the software at the GetData web site using the GetData checkout, GetData collect the money from the customer, your commission is recorded, and at the end of each month GetData send you your commission to your nominated bank account.

The principle of the affiliate system is that a link on your website is used to write your GetData Affiliate Cookie to the end users PC. The cookie is valid for 180 days. When the end user makes a purchase at a GetData website the cookie is detected and your commission is recorded.

Your GetData Affiliate Account

Once your GetData affiliate account has been created, follow the setup instructions on this page to start selling software. You can login to your account at any time to track your commission.

Please note that a GetData affiliate account is completely separate to a Reseller account (a reseller account is applied for separately and has a different login).

Login Here (or use "Account" at the header of our websites)

Login: [your email address]
Password: [if you do not know your password, click on the forgot password link]

How to Setup Links on your Website

When creating links on your website, take every opportunity to get your affiliate cookie written to the end users computer. The first part of the URL does this, where "id=XXXXXX" is your affiliate ID:


Following are examples of how you:

1. Create a link on your website for end users to download our software;


The link above link writes your affiliate cookie to the end users machine and downloads Recover My Files. You may replace "RecoverMyFiles-Setup.exe" with:


2. Create a link on your website to send end users to our website;


The link above writes your affiliate cookie to the end users computer and sends users to the Recover My Files website. You may replace "www.recovermyfiles.com" with our other websites:


3. Create a link on your website to send customers directly to our GetData check out;

Create a link on your website to send customers directly to our GetData check out


The link above sends the end user directly to the Recover My Files checkout to purchase a Recover My Files v5 Standard License [item=255] and one copy [1]. You may replace "item=255,1" with:

item=24,1 [for Repair My Backup v4 - Standard]
item=23,1 [for Repair My Backup v4 - Technician]
item=29,1 [for Burn My Files v3]
item=35,1 [for Explorer View for Windows Explorer v4 - Standard]
item=249,1 [for ZIP Repair Pro v5]
item=255,1 [for Recover My Files v5 - Standard]
item=256,1 [for Recover My Files v5 - Professional]
item=257,1 [for Recover My Files v5 - Technician]
item=105,1 [for Repair My Excel v1 - Standard]
item=109,1 [for Recover My iPod v1 - Standard]
item=118,1 [for Recover My Email v5 - Standard]
item=132,1 [for Recover My Email v5 - Technician]
item=186,1 [for Recover My Photos v4 - Professional]
item=188,1 [for Recover My Photos v4 - Technician]
item=200,1 [for Phone Image Carver v1 - Standard]
item=244,1 [for Phone Image Carver v1 - Technician]
item=250,1 [for Mount Image Pro v5]
item=245,1 [for Recover My EDB v2 - Professional]
item=246,1 [for Recover My EDB v2 - Technician]

Good Luck!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. We look forward to working with you as our affiliate. Thank you.



If you use RegNow as your Affiliate System, our RegNow product IDs are:

  • Recover My Files: 7198-1 (Standard License)
  • Recover My Files: 7198-5 (Professional license)
  • Recover My Photos: 7198-2

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