The following describes the functions available from the Zip Repair Pro Menu Bar.




  • Repair Zip file
    Select this if you want to repair a single Zip file.

  • Repair Spanned Zip
    Select this if you want to repair a spanned Zip archive.

  • Batch Zip Repair
    Select this if you want to repair multiple Zip files.


  • Options
    Select this if you want to choose to run the program in analysis only mode, or if you want to change the handling of file names during the repair process.

  • Save Log
    Select this to save the event log after performing the repair process.

  • Exit
    Select this to close the program.


  • Help
    Select this to access the Help menu.

  • About
    Select this to access information on the program e.g. the version, support information etc.

  • Check for Updates
    Select this to check if there are any updates available for the program.

  • Activate Product
    Select this to activate the program after purchasing your activation key.

  • Buy Now
    Select this to purchase the program to obtain your activation key.