Step 3a - Viewing Outlook email attachments

Messages with attachments

Messages with attachments are indicated by a number in the "Att" column in the top right hand window of the results screen. If the "Att" field is blank, an attachment was not located for the message.

Preview attachments in the results screen

To preview an attachment, select the message in the top right hand window. A list of attachments will display in the bottom left window. Click on attachments to preview their content in the Recover My Email preview window (If a preview is not supported for the specific file type an error message will be displayed).

Saving attachments

When recovered Outlook messages are saved to a new .pst file, message attachments are also saved. Learn how to save messages as a .pst file here.

To save an attachment directly from the Recover My Email results screen, select the attachment in the bottom left hand window, right click and select "save attachment". You will then be prompted for a location to save the file (Note: you must activate Recover My Email before you can save attachments).