Q. The repaired file does not open, what can I do?

A. Try using the "Extract" option to extract individual files from the corrupt Zip. If you are still unable to access the content of the Zip, contact technical support for further assistance.

Q. Can Zip Repair Pro Repair Spanned Zip Volumes?

A. Yes, add all the Zip files as part of the set and repair the file.

Q. Does Zip Repair have a file size limitation?

A. There is no known file size limitation. Zip Repair Pro has been tested on files up to 4GB in size

Q. I entered my product activation key but it says "Activation Failed"?

A. Please ensure that you have accurately entered your product activation key into the product activation screen.

Q. I lost my product activation key. How can I get a new one?

If you have lost your Product Activation Key, please request a replacement key at . The new key will be sent by email. If you continue to have product activation problems, please contact us using the support link at http://www.ziprepair.com.

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