Saving files to a CD or DVD

Recover My Photos has the capability to save files directly to a CD or DVD. Importantly, the is a secure process which does not write new data to the disk.

To save files to a CD or DVD, select the drop down arrow next to the "Save Files" button in the main program tool bar:


The CD burning window will then open:


Burner Displays a list of supported available CD or DVD burners connected to your computer. If a CD or DVD is not inserted, it will say [No Media Inserted]. If a CD or DVD is inserted, it will identify the type of CD or DVD, e.g. CD-R. Click the "Refresh" button to ensure the information in this window is up to date.
image4.gif The open/eject button opens the selected CD/DVD drive draw.
image5.gif The CD/DVD information button provides information about the currently inserted CD or DVD.

The refresh button re-scans the CD/DVD drive to provide new information about the currently inserted CD/DVD.

Disk Name This is the name that is given to the CD/DVD. The default is "RMF[date]" but can be edited as required.


Click Next and the following window will provide a summary of the data to be burnt to CD or DVD. This includes an estimation as to the number of standard CD (approximately 650 mb capacity) and DVD (approximately 4gb capacity) that will be required:


Click Next to start the burn process. Pay close attention to the burning log for any errors:


When the CD or DVD burning session is completed, a the following screen will display a summary of the burning process:


ex_red.jpg Important: Once you have saved your data to CD or DVD, always check the contents of the CD or DVD manually to ensure that the data have been properly recorded.

Trouble Shooting - Saving Files to a CD or DVD

Problem: My burner or CD/DVD is not recognized.
  • Re-insert the CD and press the "Refresh" button.

  • Press the drop down arrow in the "Burner" field to select the available burners. The burner should display the type of CD or DVD inserted (e.g. CD-R). If not, try a different CD and/or a different type of CD (e.g. CD +R).

    If the burner is not listed, check all burner connections and repeat this process. If the burner is still not listed, it is not compatible with Recover My Files and you will need to select an alternate location to save your files such as a USB drive.



Problem: The burning process fails.

Examine the event log for any errors that may indicate the source of the problem.

  • Insert a new blank CD or DVD. Click the "Refresh" button to ensure that the CD or DVD is recognized.

  • image5.gif Press the information button. The select the "Device / Disk Speed" tab and select the "Calibrate" button. This will determine the optimum settings for your device. Now re-try the burn process.

  • If CD/DVD burning problems continue, repeat the process using a different type/brand of CD/DVD media, or if possible, try saving to an alternate media such as an external USB hard drive.

  • If the problem persists, please contact us via the support link at and provide:

a brief but accurate description of the problem;

a screen print of the CD/DVD Burning log.