Save and load search results

Recover My Photos v4 has the ability to save search results so that they can be reloaded and used at a later time. Results are saved into a .rsv file.

Important: A saved-search.rsv file is a record of search results at the point in time when the file was created.

If data is subsequently written to the problem media, it may overwrite and destroy files listed in the saved-search.rsv file and consequently reduce the accuracy by which it can be used at a later time.

When conducting data recovery it is important to minimize the use of the problem media until such time as the data recovery attempts have been completed.  

To Save Search Results

  1. In the text menu at the top of the main program screen select "Recover > Save Search..."
  2. Select the location and file name where you would like to save the search results.



To Load Search Results

  1. Ensure the original media used to create the saved-search.rsv file is plugged in and has the same drive letter as it did when the file was created;
  2. Click "Recover > Load Search...";
  3. Select the .rsv file containing your saved search results and click OK;
  4. The Recover My Files search results screen should then display the saved search results;
  5. Once the search has loaded you should see the message "Load Complete".