If you have suffered a data loss, you should, if possible, avoid writing new data to the storage media on which the files were lost. When new data is written to a storage media, it can overwrite and destroy deleted files so that they can no longer be recovered.

Avoid installing new programs, saving new files, or if it is digital camera media taking new photographs or video until you have had the opportunity to attempt data recovery.



Where Should I Install Recover My Photos?

Recovering from a camera or camera card

In many situations Recover My Photos will be used to recover deleted or missing photos from a digital camera storage card. In this situation, the software can be installed on the computer and then used to search the storage card.

Recovering from a computer hard drive

The best methodology, if possible, is to connect the problem drive to another computer as the secondary drive. This enables you to install your data recovery software on the C: drive of the 'good' computer, and then scan the secondary  'problem' drive to recover your files. This methodology make it far less likely that Windows, or you, will write new data to the drive.

Of course this methodology is not always practical, as you may well have lost your files from your current C: drive and have no alternative that to continue to use Windows on this PC. If this is the case, limit your use of the computer until you have the opportunity to search for your deleted files.

Recover My Photos is a small program (approximately 10mb), so installation of the program onto the problem drive, whilst not recommended, is a small risk.

Minimum Installation Requirements

Recover My Photos has the following minimum installation requirements:

Internet Download - Installation

Recover My Photos can be downloaded from the Internet at The installation file downloaded from the Internet is called "RecoverMyPhotos-Setup.exe". Run this program and follow the installation wizard.

Installing from CD

Insert the Recover My Photos CD into you computer, select the option to install Recover My Photos and follow the on screen instructions. Once you have installed from CD, press the "Update" button to download the latest version.

Program Activation

Activation details needs to be entered into the program to activate the ability to save recovered files. To learn how to activate Recover My Photos, click here.

To Update to the latest Version of Recover My Photos

If you are upgrading to the latest version of Recover My Files there is no need to un-install previous versions. Either download and install the latest version from or run the program and click the "Update" button in the toolbar of the main program screen (an internet connection is required):


Updates to Recover My Photos version 4 are free for the life of this version.

A discounted update cost will apply to exiting customers who purchase the next major version, i.e. Version 5, when it is released.


To un-install the Recover My Photos, go to the Windows Control Panel and select "Add/Remove Programs".