Step 2 - Open and process the Outlook.pst file

To process an Outlook.pst file:

  1. Download and install Recover My Email. Once installed, run the program.

  2. Click the Open Email File button or select File > Open Email Data File from the text menu.

  3. In the Open File Window, navigate to the location of your Outlook.pst file(s) and select the file for which you wish to perform a recovery.

  4. Once you select the relevant .pst file, click OPEN and the recovery process will commence. The progress bar provides an indication of the length of the recovery process.

Outlook recovery is a resource intensive and timely process. If you have a large Outlook data file (for example, 2GB) please allow several hours to process the file.

Recovered messages are not displayed in the results window until the search is near its end.

It is not currently possible to pause the search. If the search is stopped a new search will be required to commence from the beginning.

"Data Blocks" are components of recovered messages. Locating data blocks is a strong indication that messages are being recovered. However, 1 data block does not equal 1 message.

Note: Email recovery is a resource intensive process. To ensure that maximum computer resources are available, we suggest you limit the use of your computer for other tasks whilst the recovery is running.